Abisko National Park, Abisko, Sweden


What can I do on this virtual tour?

The Abisko National Park offers six virtual tours in one, including the tour of an ice hotel, sled dogs, reindeer and the northern lights, or aurora borealis. These tours are some of my personal favourites.

Want to know more?

Abisko National Park measures 7,700 hectares and is south of Torneträsk lake in Kiruna municipality.

You will find the Abiskodalen valley here, covered with mountain birch trees, and beautiful and easily accessible Mount Njullá, known for its profusion of flowers.

The Abiskojåkka river flows through the long valley, and close to the tourist station and naturum Abisko visitor centre, it rushes forward through a beautiful canyon.

Kungsleden (the King’s Trail) and several other trails and nature paths traverse the park.



Where is it located?

Abisko National Park, Abisko, Sweden

'Want to know more?' paragraph: Text from http://www.nationalparksofsweden.se/choose-park---list/abisko-national-park/national-park-facts/
Image: Wikipedia

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