Atlanta Zoo, Georgia, USA


What can I do on this virtual tour?

It would seem that the zoo have removed their virtual tour capabilities, and most of their cameras, but the best one remains - a live feed for their panda bears. Watch them as they eat, play, and sleep.

Want to know more?

Zoo Atlanta was founded in 1889, when businessman George V. Gress purchased a bankrupt traveling circus and donated the animals to the city of Atlanta. City leaders opted to house the collection in Grant Park, which remains the zoo's present location. Original residents of the zoo included a black bear, a raccoon, a jaguar, a hyena, a gazelle, a Mexican hog, lionesses, monkeys, and camels. The zoo's collection expanded in the 1930s with the personal donation of a private menagerie owned by Asa G. Candler, Jr.


Where is it located?

Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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