VirtualTrs is live


VirtualTrs has gone live with 20 tours. While the plan was to launch with 80, due to unforeseen circumstances I have been unable to get all 80 tours posted in time. So, the revised plan is to add 20 tours per week for as long as I keep finding them (my database is now nearly 100 strong).

I've set up a Facebook and Instagram page, which can find below:

The current plan of action, in addition to the postings mentioned above, is to add additional learning materials to all posts, so that there's more substance to the tours. I figured that the exploration should be pushed before the additional (and fully optional) reading.

If you can think of any ways to improve VirtualTrs, or know of any tours or experiences that you'd like to contribute, please do contact me.

Most of all, please enjoy and share VirtualTrs.


Ben Jenkins

I'm Ben, the creator of VirtualTrs. I put together a list of virtual tours for my children during the lockdown of 2020. The list grew so big that I created VirtualTrs to share it with everyone else.


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